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Mold lives everywhere. The problem is mold living indoors
at high concentrations. Get your property tested today.

Same day testing in all Miami, Broward & Palm Beach.

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Who is MoldExpert.com? MoldExpert.com is a division of Blue Star Restoration, a leader in property emergency services, helps and assists families and businesses overcome the distressing impediments caused by Mold, Water Damage and Fire Damage.

Why should you test for mold?   for health complications, strange smell, peace of mind, buying-selling or renting a property, to protect yourself against litigation, to safeguard your loved ones, and the list goes on.  Whatever the reason, we have you covered.

Our mission is “To return our client’s property back to normal and to raise expectations one client at a time”.

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 Mold = Toxic

Did you know…. “mold spores dead or alive are equally toxic”

Do It Yourself

Did you know…”Bleach and Kilz do not kill mold completely”

Health Effects

Did you know…”100% of mold types cause some health effect”

 Mold & Water

Did you know…”Mold starts growing 48 hours after water damage”

Mold Inspections

Hiring a licensed mold inspector is the wisest decision you can make….

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Water Damage

Even a small water damage can make a lot of damage….

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Mold Removal

Analyze and check your mold remediator’s credentials carefully….

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